15 Hi Tech Jobs For The Future

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15 Hi Tech Jobs For The Future

2021 Jobs In Demand For Our Digital World

As we move more and more into the future of our Digital Explosion of Ideas and Creativity, finding the best career builder options looks more and more quantum.

Find your next 2021 Career Direction in automation or other jobs that are coming into high demand in 2021.

Stay up to date.

Upskilling and Reskilling are terms we are hearing in the Employment and Work World These Days.

Also the new direction for Education is a new Term

Lifelong Learning and Development.

Many companies are adopting these terms in their HR Departments or Corporate Offices.

Staying current in today’s world is important.  We are seeing new changes and many changes seem to be happening very quickly.

Share positive, helpful information with others.

Together We Can Be the Change We Want To See.

A Great Informational Article for today, from Silicon Valley Girl on youtube.com

Time codes:
0:00 15 jobs in high demand in 2021
0:58 Data Analysts and Data Scientists
1:57 AI and Machine Learning Specialists
2:45 Big Data Specialists
3:16 Digital marketing specialists
5:31 Process Automation Specialists
6:15 Business Development Professionals
7:47 Digital Transformation Specialists
8:38 Software Developer
9:05 Wind Energy Technician
9:34 Solar Energy Technician
9:48 Urban Grower
10:40 Home health aide
11:02 Nurse Practitioners
11:39 Registered Nurse (RN)
11:49 Physical Therapist Assistant

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